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Search Engine Ranking Optimization

Contrary to popular belief, search engine ranking optimization is more complex than just repeating a few keywords or adding meta tags here and there. Optimizing your site involves a lot of work, from optimizing content to correct submission. It is also not a 'precise' science. Many search engines change their[…]

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What Are Search Engine Spiders? Part I

What are search engine spiders? A question I am frequently asked. They are also called crawlers, robots, agents, web-bots and others, but they are the same thing. Search engine spiders are software programs that seek out and record data from web pages on the World Wide Web for inclusion in[…]

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Using Articles to Advertise

Articles are a form of content advertising. When you learn something new, write about it. In your own words, write what you have learned. Write about products that you sell. You do not have to have any experience writing. With that information you can send them to Article websites and[…]

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4 Reasons Why It Benefits to Use SEO

The beautifully designed website with plenty of high-quality content isn’t likely to reach its intended audience if you haven’t spent time on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A well planned approach to marketing and promoting a website is certain to help maximize your business efforts. Here are a few reasons why[…]

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